If you’re passionate about improving and democratizing the GME recruitment process, and want to do more than sign your name on the Bill of Rights, here’s how you can get involved

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Example 1: (Edit to your desired role)

As a [your role here], I know how challenging the GME recruitment process can be.  I’m advocating and adding my name to the #GMEBillofRights, which details ways of innovating the system for the better.  #MedEd #MedStudentTwitter @GMEequality

Example 2:

There are a number of challenges currently facing the UME to GME recruitment process.  Check out GMEequalty.com to take action and innovate the system, helping #MedStudents and #Residency programs save time, money and frustration.  #MedEd @GMEequality

Let a friend know about UME to GME Bill of Rights

Example: I found this interesting and think you will too. A group of medical students, applicants, residency program directors and coordatinators, and other GME stakeholders have put together a list of steps that can be taken to innovate the GME recruitment process. They’re calling it the UME to GME Bill of Rights, and I signed it to show my support. Check it out at GMEequality.org, and add your name if it resonates with you.

Share your GME story with us. #MyGMEStory

What has been your experience with the UME to GME transition process? Whether you’re an applicant, a current resident, an admissions officer, an experienced physician or anyone in between, tell us your story. Your experience and knowledge has the power to help, validate, and inspire others, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.