About the UME to GME Transition Bill of Rights

The UME to GME Bill of Rights is a call to action for stakeholders in the Graduate Medical Education community to implement comprehensive enhancements regarding the residency recruitment process. This document was created for the benefit of applicants, programs and all other stakeholders in GME. The intended outcome is to minimize a previously anxiety-ridden experience intensified by cost barriers, and instead, support a process that promotes transparency, diversity and fairness. Together, we can influence future recruitment cycles for the betterment of ourselves, our communities, our profession and most importantly, our patients.

We are a coalition of individuals and organizations that foresee an opportunity to challenge the status quo and policies in the GME recruitment process. Among our ranks are attending physicians, fellows, residents, medical students, program directors, program coordinators, GME administrators, specialty organizations, social media influencers, healthcare executives and other community supporters and leaders, all of whom are eager to make the UME to GME transition more equitable. See our full list of supporters here.

The Supporters